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Mission Statement

We are an Elite Ministry individually and collectively.

Our Goal is to be the most responsible, effective and respected Ministry at the Potter's House, and to take ownership in supporting our Church's Mission: "We are the voice and the hand that encourages people to change their lives with hope, comfort and peace."

Organizational Chart
Flow Chart

The Potter's House Deacons' Organizational Chart and Participation in other Ministries

  • Requirement of a Potter's House Deacon

  • Accountability Procedures for the Ministry

  • Baptism Procedures

  • Communion Service

  • Winning Souls, The Art of Witnessing

Deacon's Expectations
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Our Sunday morning assignments and post are in the Sanctuary, Destiny World and Fire House.

All Hands On Deck for Every Sunday. There are Teams assigned for the early post at 7am. All Deacons must be in the assigned attire and ready to serve every Sunday at 8am.

  • 80% availability for Post Assignments 

  • Update information on the Active Roster

  • Evaluation Forms - take a Self-Survey

  • Submit Leave of Absence & Inactive Forms

  • FEES are Required to Remain Active Annually

  • Deacons Renewal fee for Certificate of License

  • Background Check fee for Deacon & Spouse

YokeFellow Ministry
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Our YokeFellow Ministry is comprised of a group of saved men who serve alongside and under the nurturing supervision of the active Deacon body.


Like the Deacon, a YokeFellow is a servant to Jesus Christ and to the church to which he belongs.


The YokeFellow is not an office of the church as described in scripture but is a partner in ministry and organization.

  • Being a YokeFellow strengthens the impact of the Deacon Ministry and widens the circle of Brotherhood and Ministry in our church among Christian men. 

Become a



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